Who We Are

Founded in 2001, AfterSchool Partners is a curriculum development and teacher training organization. Its primary purpose is to develop innovative curriculum for after school programs and train teachers to teach it. We believe that the after school time can be well spent developing children's decision-making skills and ethical thinking through an engagement with and awareness of local history.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

AfterSchool Partners models and trains after school teachers to implement its innovative curriculum. Children are encouraged to become thoughtful and community-minded young adults by viewing their lives as a series of choices. Learning to examine their options and consider the consequences of their decisions develops life skills that form the basis for becoming responsible adults. They look at their neighborhood as the result of choices made by others, historically and environmentally. Local businesses, college students, and neighbors participate as partners, tour guides, interns and volunteers who help teach history, art, and environmental issues.  

Who Are Our Constituents

Minority and low to moderate-income children enrolled in after school programs comprise our constituents. They participate in 14 hours of adult-directed activity over a period of 12-14 weeks designed to build their skills in history and decision-making as well as to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the history and citizens of their communities.

Why AfterSchool Partners is Important

AfterSchool Partners promotes the following concepts while facilitating children to become engaged learners:

  • An interest in and excitement about history and environment issues based on knowledge of their immediate neighborhood
  • Life skills including the ability to make informed choices based on an awareness of options and the development of conditional thinking
  • A sense of connection and belonging to their neighborhood
  • Greater professionalism for the after school teachers

Children's comments

  • “I'm so glad Mel King chose to take a stand so Tent City could be built. It's beautiful!”
  • “I love Allston because Washington Allston chose to give Diana, the slave his step-father left him in his will, her freedom instead of selling her for the cash he really needed.”
  • “I learned about Titus Sparrow's choice to start a clean-up at our playground in return for free tennis lessons.   We chose to name the playground after him when he died.” 
  • “I met Bill Walczak who chose to create the Codman Square Health Center so we could have good doctors.” 
  • “Ted Landsmark [President and CEO of the Boston Architectural Center] told us that when he was growing up in the projects in New York, people told him he couldn't choose to be an architect because he was black.  Now look at him!”

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